Perfectly Balanced

Engineered to be strong and perfectly balanced even with a transmission.

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Received my Engine Cart last week (From eBay) and finally

pulled my motor and mounted it to the cart.


I am blown away at the quality and attention to every detail. (Including packaging and shipping!)

It is nearly impossible to find a product made in the USA and

especially with any kind of desire to do the best job possible.


Being in the skilled trades myself, I see examples daily of people who are

either unskilled or if they do have talent they simply don’t even try.

It is very refreshing to have stumbled on your product and I wish you

the best and hope you have success in your business.


Thank you for such a fine job!

Cliff Sands

Engine stand review: I am writing this review on a product I am very excited about! If you have a shop where you work on engines this is a MUST have. This engine stand/dolly blows any other product out there out of the water. The construction is rugged and solid, the wheels make rolling it around a breeze, and the look/finish is just amazing! I have 4 other engine cradles that I’m getting rid of and buying about 3 more of these. This thing is so nice I’m gonna turn one into and engine test/run stand. For the quality of product you are getting you cannot beat the price on this.

I first came across your cart accidentally. As to how much I like it, well you know I did buy a second one lol.

Mike Carnell

Motor Head Techniques saw me working on some LS engines so they were nice enough to send me one of their very nice LS/LT rolling engine carts! This one can handle 1000lbs and is in their silver vein paint color. Take a look at their website or instagram for me and tell them that i sent you! They're a smaller company but they make really high quality parts!


Outstanding item, shipped lightning fast & exactly as described! A+!


Ordered MHT's Gen III Hemi engine stand recently, and am blown away by the quality. The fabrication is stunning, welds are neat and even, there's end caps on the tubing and the wrinkle finish looks awesome. It's rare you buy a tool that's finished nicer than some of the upgraded parts you bought to fit to the car...

Aaron Beyfus